So we’re a little shop.. but we have a big heart, and our heart beats for pizza… Or is that starting to sound a bit too cheesy? So let’s cut to the chase – frankly, who reads the About Us page on a website anyway? We make a lot of pizzas, and we have been making lots of yummy pizzas for the good folks of Tenterfield for the best part of a decade.

Over that time we believe we have developed a winning formula that keeps people coming back for more and more. Shop-made bases, fresh every day, generous toppings with only the best ingredients, our yummy pastas and homemade deserts with our best tasting coffee makes our little shop a great place to experience good quality, hunger-busting food for our regulars and people passing by!




7 Days
$5.50 HOME DELIVERY (evenings)
Find us at 236 Rouse Street
Ph: 02 6736 5500

The freshest (& we know we’re biased but frankly also the yummiest) takeaway in Tenterfield
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